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The company offers a range of diversified gaming products across the Interactive gaming, eSports, and gamified early learning ecosystem across emerging markets i.Nazara Technologies IPO Date, Price, GMP, Review, Details
  1. India, Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, and Latin America.
  2. CarromClash and World Cricket Championships in mobile games, Kiddopia in gamified early learning, Nodwin and Sportskeeda in eSports, and Halaplay and Qunami are some of its offerings.
  3. Based business, Freemium Business, eSports, Gamified early learning, and Real money gaming.
  4. The company derives maximum revenue from subscription fees charged from customers under the gamified early learning and eSports business segments, accounted for 71.
  5. Of revenues for the six months period ended on Sep 30, 2020.
  6. Diversified business based on the geographical presence and gaming products.
  7. To achieve the benefits of listing Equity Shares on the Stock Exchanges.
  8. Vikash Mittersain, Nitish Mittersain, and Mitter Infotech LLP is the company promoters.
  9. The Nazara Technologies IPO bid date is from Mar 17, 2021 10.
  10. Simply due to investment by big tycoon RKJ, this IPO is creating hype.
  11. Being the first mover, it might catch fancy post listing, but the offer price is very aggressive based on its financial data.
  12. Hence cash surplus, risk savvy investors may consider investment at their own risks.
  13. Link Intime India Private Ltd is the registrar for the IPO.
  14. Zerodha customers can apply online in Nazara Technologies IPO using UPI as a payment gateway.
  15. Go to the ‘Nazara Technologies IPO’ row and click the ‘Bid’ button.
  16. The Nazara Technologies IPO opens on Mar 17, 2021 and closes on Mar 19, 2021.
  17. ASBA IPO application is available in the net banking of your bank account.
  18. UPI IPO application is offered by brokers who don’t offer banking services.
  19. The finalization of Basis of Allotment for Nazara Technologies IPO be done on Mar 24, 2021, and the allotted shares be credited to your demat account by Mar 26, 2021.
  20. Nazara Technologies IPO opens on Mar 17, 2021 and closes on Mar 19, 2021.
  21. Find Date, Price, Subscription, Allotment, Grey Market Premium GMP, Listing Date and Review.
  22. There were few High Profile handle on Ctorgarh, who were creating panic in public in Nazara, by saying it wil go to X figure and all.
  23. Usne tho apne app ko khud se market ka masiha maan liya tha .
  24. If u believe in long term story of mobile gaming then it shd be part of ur portfolio.
  25. Just buy small quantity and forget it for 5 to 10 years.
  26. If MTAR holds level of 970 and 930 on closing basis then Target of 1140 to 1170 possible once market conditions gets better.
  27. Trading position should be closed below 930 close.
  28. MTAR broken falling trendline 1154 high 1075 high on hourly time frame.
  29. Stock can zoom anytime if mkt supoort or 1000 level hold.
  30. This IPO listed when just 2 days were left in the current financial year.
  31. Some of the massive ing in this stock post IPO listing may also be attributed to need for sone of the HNIs and speculators to book profit immediately and with wver gains they may get.
  32. There could be some stability and positivity in this stock tomorrow.
  33. This mess is not a recommendation to transact in this stock any specific way.
  34. People don”t get allotment but st amount is blocked.
  35. Few people were allotted and their amount is unblocked and not even debited.
  36. Can someone help me about refund of non alloted shares of Nazara .
  37. Don”t worry they be released on the last date of the mandate.
  38. Friends can you believe that the amount has not yet been debited from my account.
  39. AS A is best way for apply of Ipo pls use netbanking and apply th ASBA.
  40. GIC, ADIA, Aberdeen, Fidelity, Templeton AM, Nomura AM, Goldman Sachs AM, Jupiter India are among FPI and SBI MF, HDFC MF, ICICI Prudential MF, Birla MF, Nippon MF, Axis MF, Kotak MF, and Sundaram MF are among Mutual Funds.
  41. I could have made a profit of 10 k had i sold off yesterday, but i did not, and today i had to contend with only 5k gain.
  42. on the day of listing and never look back at such stocks.
  43. I am sure that if i hadnt bought then surely it would have run up back to 1900 or 2000 .
  44. Lekin milne ke baad jab aisa hota hai to bahut jyada dukh hota hai.
  45. Since, stock was avl in ur DEMAT so ur sold happened.
  46. 1700 hoping that once it goes beyind 2000 u it again.
  47. it come down more so i would take short position .
  48. It is more wise to exit the stock, with wver profit you are getting.
  49. Nazara is overvalued, actual valuation is 900 and below.
  50. Primary market me bahot log GMP ki vajah se khel jate hai.
  51. Ipo listing ke baad secondary market me aa jata hai jiska unko knowledge nahi rehta.
  52. Khelne mat jaye varna ghare ke paise daalne padege.
  53. According to Greater Fool Theory, You can Buy Stock at Higher Price and You Find Another FOOL to Buy the Stock at Another Higher Price.
  54. Please Consult Your Financial Advisor Before Buying or ing.
  55. ing in Unlisted space is not everyone”s cup of tea.
  56. Some time back Nazara was available 900 some time back but for many of us who are small investors it is better do deal only in listed space even if we have to buy it slightly expensive.
  57. Even today many good stocks like NSE, HDB Financial, HDFC Securities are available in unlisted space but it is better for retail investors to wait for them to get listed.
  58. FYI Several savvy investors had accumulated CSB bank 150 before IPO from unlisted space.
  59. During CSB IPO also there was lot of negativity and similar comments but look at where CSB is today.
  60. Those who are convinced that Nazara is good long term investment may keep buying on dips.
  61. 1500 before and during IPO with 1 Year Lock in period, and I have purched some shares.
  62. Comments made in the site, do not make any difference either in the subscription levels or market value of the script.
  63. There are number of companies which are commanding Exorbitant valuations and such companies are dering huge returns to the shareholders.
  64. Tou cannot say that you are the only right person in valuations and whoever going purchase the stock ultimately become “LAST FOOL WHO BOUGHT SHARES AT PEAK AND CRY FOR YEARS”.
  65. At best you may give your advise, but categorising the persons who are going to purcase the shares as “” THE LAST FOOL WHO BOUGHT SHARES AT PEAK AND CRY FOR YEARS” is very bad on your part.
  66. At the timeof purchase if I left the opportunity thinking that why should I purchase share of the face value of Rs.
  67. 7,000 I would have lost the opportunity of holding this share at that price.
  68. It is not proper on your part to put posts as if you know all about the market , and remaining persons are fools.
  69. Let the people take their own decisions, by restaining yourself to the extent of giving your views.
  70. It seems you want to grabbed it cheaper on listing immediately so that if upper circuit any can sold and earn hefty .
  71. I think you are not get any allotment and want this stock at cheaper rate.
  72. T now I was giving you benefit of doubt that you don”t understand gaming and new tech.
  73. Your comparison of locked in share at 1450 vs listing price makes me believe you don”t understand anything at all in the market.
  74. And btw you have only said you think stock is expensive at 1101 and nowhere any analysis given except using archaic PE and PB ratios.
  75. But Ipo investors, who does not analyse nor does rationalise.
  76. Mota bhai Rakesh junjulwala ki haddi 11,557 ka naffa kara ke i 14313 ke rokan ke samne.
  77. Abhi jis jis ne haddi nahi chabayi unko mirchi lgi.
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Nazara Ipo Allotment Status

IPO Allotment Status
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Nazara Ipo Subscription Status

Financial Institutions, Banks, FIIs, and Mutual Funds registered with SEBI are called QIBs.Nazara Technologies IPO Subscription Status Today [ Update]
  1. In most cases, QIBs represent small investors who invest th mutual funds, ULIP schemes of insurance companies, and pension schemes.
  2. For applications between Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 10 lakhs.
  3. The retail individual investor or NRIs who apply up to Rs 2 lakhs in an IPO are considered as RII reserved category.
  4. A category of eligible employees who have a reserved quota in the IPO.
  5. A category of eligible shareholders or other investors who have a reserved quota in the IPO.
  6. The subscription data is taken from the NSE and BSE websites.
  7. The subscription data provided are for information purposes only and provided by Ctorgarh.
  8. Com on an ‘AS IS’ and ‘AS AVAILABLE’ basis and without warranty, express or implied.
  9. Our website does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of the information received th the said websites.
  10. Com holds no responsibility of any kind as regards any discrepancies, errors, omissions, losses, or s.
  11. Com including its affiliates and any of its directors, and employees, shall not be liable for any loss, or of any nature, including but not limited to direct, indirect, punitive, special, exemplary, consequential, as also any loss of profit in any way arising from the use of data received.
  12. All recipients should before acting upon the said information make their investigation, and seek appropriate professional advice.
  13. Retail category of Nazara Technologies IPO subscribed 75.
  14. The public issue closes on Mar 19, 2021 for bidding.
  15. The Nazara Technologies IPO shares are offered online only.
  16. The Nazara Technologies IPO allotment status is expected on or Mar 24, 2021.
  17. The Nazara Technologies IPO listing date is Tuesday, March 30, 2021.
  18. The equity share of Nazara Technologies Limited list on BSE, NSE.
  19. Time bidding information about Nazara Technologies IPO.
  20. I have applied for Nazara technologies IPO th SBI internet banking today morning and IPO history in my net banking shows the bid is successful.
  21. Zerodha is slow in up in case of IPO’s when compared to other trading platforms.
  22. I want to cancel my bid in craftsman automation but I have accepted the mandate, if now I cancel the order the mandate be revoked or not.
  23. So NAZARA IPO has shown its Nazara issue oversubscribed in two hours.
  24. I think this may be the last satisfactorily good issue of this financial year.
  25. Three months, there won’t be any issue bcos as per law no one can bring IPO unless last FY audited accounts are submitted.
  26. So Nazara has shown it’s Nazara issue fully subscribed in two hours.
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Nazara Ipo Gmp

82 per cent stake, would be the first gaming company to list in India.Nazara Technologies IPO GMP: Nazara grey market premium at 71 …
  1. Nazara IPO was subscribed 176 times, which was third biggest among the issues with a size of over Rs 200 crore.
  2. Traded at a premium of 71 per cent over its issue price of Rs 1,101, suggesting decent listing prospects for Tuesday.
  3. The ace investor did not participate in the Rs 583 crore crore offer for that took place from March 17 to 19.
  4. This suggests a 71 per cent premium over the issue price.
  5. Mover advant in eSports, which is estimated to surge in the near term.
  6. Persist due to of monetisation opportunity in India.
  7. Segment within gaming, which is a huge untapped opportunity, it said.
  8. Astha Jain of Hem Securities said the issue looked aggressively priced, but the valuations justified the huge market opportunity that Nazara has, and the growth it may see going ahead.
  9. Was subscribed 176 times, which was third biggest among the issues with a size of over Rs 200 crore.
  10. HNIs had lapped up the issue, bidding for a whopping 390 times.
  11. Rising smartphone and internet penetration are leading the growth for the industry.
  12. Penetrated market, wide product portfolio, strong relationship and network.
  13. 3 years given its recent acquisitions and first mover advant.
  14. Indulge in digital reading experience of ET newspaper exactly as it is.
  15. Nazara, where Big Bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala holds a 10″.
  16. Choose your reason below and click on the Report button.
  17. Nazara, where Big Bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala holds a 10.
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Nazara Ipo Valuation

According to brokers, share allotment is likely to be finalised on March 24 while listing may happen on March 30.IPO of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala-backed Nazara Tech subscribed 175 …
  1. Many broker have recommended subscribe to the issue both for long term potential and possibility of listing gains.
  2. Penetrated mobile gaming, wide product portfolio and strong relationship and network.
  3. 3 years given its recent acquisitions and first mover advant.
  4. The issue is first of its kind listing and has no peer comparison in India.
  5. We believe that the market would like to give premium valuation to emerging growth stories like mobile gaming.
  6. Both organic and inorganic waygrowth in revenue is de decline in Telco business revenue which was the business.
  7. In USA we feel the company can sustain higher growth.
  8. Being a loss making company in FY20 ROE stands negative.
  9. “Surely, benchmarking CEO pay is a thorny debate, and there are no easy answers”.
  10. But let there be logic when a vexing subject like CEO compensation is being discussed.
  11. Salil Parekh and Thierry Delaporte deserve every cent o .
  12. S quantitative tightening would suck out excess liquidity from system.
  13. Growing segment of interactive gaming, eSports and gamified early learning solutions.
  14. Promotion from FY20 onwards, which help drive strong topline growth.
  15. We recommend a SUBSCRIBE to the issue, with the potential for healthy listing gains as well as long term stock price appreciation in light of strong long term growth potential in online gaming, both in India and globally.
  16. “If we annualize the H1 s, the demanded valuation comes out to be 8.
  17. 4x, which is attractive considering the prevailing valuation of internet technological companies in India.
  18. “This is the first company in online gaming space to be listed and hence there is no domestic peers for the company for comparison.
  19. 6x of FY20 EV to s, which looks to be at higher compared to some of global gaming companies like Tencent Holdings and Electronic Arts.
  20. However, considering huge potential to grow in topline hereon, which is evident from 1HFY21 revenue, the issue looks to be reasonably valued.
  21. Direct Plan was incepted on 15th February 2019 and this plan has dered 28.
  22. “JAC class 10 board exam took place between 24th March to 20th April 2022, and the JAC class 12 exams took place between 24th March to 25th April 2022”.
  23. “Fed Ch Jerome Powell says Fed could hike rates by 0”.
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