Always try to draw the diagrams based on the confirm facts like follow the below Venn diagram

Question :
All doctors are Physicians
All Physicians are graduates
All Pediatricians are doctors
All actors are graduates

Venn Diagram
Venn Diagram

Now the conclusions are as follows
I. Some physicians are actors.
II. Some doctors are actors.
III. All pediatricians are graduates.
IV. All doctors are graduates.

And the options answers are given below,
1) All follow
2) Only III and IV follow
3) Only II,III and IV follow
4) Only I,III and IV follow
5) Only I and II follow

Now in the diagram it is clear that physicians and doctors are not linked with the actors as per the question (they may or may not be, in such cases just eliminate the options). So only III and IV conclusion part follows the nswer.
Hence the right answer will be 2 (Only III and IV follow)

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