Analytical reasoning is the ability to analize , understand and drawing conclusions from a given group of conditions or reasons.

Follow the below steps while reading the questions ?
1) Reading the conditions carefully.
2) Mark important words with asterisk (*).
example : “All the students have to come on sunday.”
“No two people of the same age is not sitting next to each other.”
This will keep the flow and helpful in avoiding unimportant words/ sentence.

3) Always look for the information and relationship between items.
4) Try to draw the diagram on the basis of given information
Note : Keep the drawing simple dont complicate it.

5) Look for the concrete information that you can enter in the diagram.
example : “Pravin eats mango.”
“Navin likes dogs.”

6) Underline any actions given
example “If Rohit is selected then Vipul cant be selected”

Follow the below steps while answering the questions ?
1) Watch the conditions in questions and the condition in answers , if they contradict discard the answer
like is the question is “Pravin cannot sit next to Navin”
then answer with “Pravin sits next to Navin” is eliminated.

2) There are some confusing words like “could be ” or “could be true” are the
distracting words and mostly for misleading.

See the two words “must be ” and “could be” and there is distinction between the two.

“MUST BE “ means confirm
“COULD BE “ means “may be not necessarily”

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