About Ambalika Group

About Ambalika Group


Ambalika group was initiated by Mr. B. C. Misra. The group is a well noted name in the industrial sector. It has also disperse its wings in the education department with its academic institution’s existence in Lucknow. Keeping this in mind Ambalika Group has recognized itself successfully in both the industry as well as in the academics area. Chairman’s belief and devotion has led to the formation of several institutions thereby providing numerous employment chance and thus lending in the development of the economy.

The main lines of businesses of the promoters are

  1. Infrastructure Development activities
  2. Building Construction
  3. Machinery Rental
  4. Transportation & Logistics
  5. Earthwork, Mining
  6. Crushing

The business is carried out in the group companies Ambalika Construction Limited and Ambalika Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.